Alumni give back to their alma matter in many ways. One of the most popular ways is by donating money to help keep the university going. The money donated is used in various ways – to upgrade on-campus house, to upgrade or repair campus buildings, and even to add new buildings to colleges that are expanding. One gift recently given to Truman State University seeks to help enrolled students in a different way.

This gift was given to help keep the Missouri Government Internship Program going. Truman University sends students regularly to Jefferson City to intern under a state government official. Up to the giving of the gift, about 500 students had participated. This boost to the program was given by Scott Zajac and Ryan Brennan – two alumni of Truman State University in 1983 and 1995, respectively. The two run Advantage Capital Partners together. (The company began in 1992.)

In total, the two gave the program $40,000 to keep going. This is a large sum in itself, but when the cost of living in a city versus the countryside is considered, it seems rather small. However, the students are only living in Jefferson City for one semester – three to four months. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

That’s not all the gift will end up doing for the program. Program leaders are seeking to use the generosity of Advantage Capital Partners to incite other donations from people. There’s a lot of scope to cover when the gift is used like that. Generosity, often enough, does lead to more generosity; people like to pay it forward. If every alumni of the university gave to the program – even a small donation – it could become something amazing, something more than it already is. And all because two alumni decided to donate.