The up-to-the-minute power of the internet has now found its way into the highest echelons of leadership, with Boardroom IQ. At one time, Board leadership had to wait through lag time of up to 3 months or more to receive published information on the latest advancements in intellectual content and best practices. But with Boardroom IQ, the newest information and latest updates are just a mouse click away.

With pertinent articles available on topics related to Board Governance and Corporate Strategy, to targeted articles for CEO’s, CFO’s, CHRO’s and GC’s, Boardroom IQ has every member of the corporate leadership team covered. Boardroom IQ takes its cues from a stellar cast of Advisors; which include 16 of the top Executives from some of the best and brightest organizations in the US. Advisors include Ed Breen (Tyco International), Raymond Gilmartin (General Mills, Inc.), Dennis Carey (Korn/Ferry International), Bonnie Hill (The Home Depot, Inc.) and Sir George Buckley (3M), among others.

Boardroom IQ also includes a page dedicated to introducing the newest elected Directors for each quarter and the Korn/ Ferry Market Cap, both of which are archived all the way back to 2010. Also of interest are archived interviews with some of the greatest thought leaders of the day, and a page dedicated to noteworthy news articles regarding some of America’s largest corporations.

Perhaps the most useful of all features, however, is a Q&A page where Board Members can reach out to their community to find answers to some of the toughest challenges and issues they may face. This feature is something of a catch-22, however. Like all leaders, Board Members often feel as if people look to them to have all the answers, which can put them in a tough position when they themselves have questions they need answers to. In a perfect world, leaders would not be the people expected to have all the answers, but rather simply the people that have the courage to ask the right questions. As of yet, the Q&A board has not seen a lot of use, but hopefully, in time, that may change. Hopefully the leaders of today can usher in a new era of leaders who feel the freedom to ask questions without feeling like it diminishes their standing as a leader.

All in all, Boardroom IQ has all the makings of an extremely useful tool, with helpful and useful information for every member of your Board of Directors.