Coco-cola has become one of America’s most well-known and respected brand names. Whether it be their memorable holiday commercials, or its rich history. Sufficed to say, there have been a number of notable people who worked for Coca-Cola in the past or who still collaborate with the company to this day, such as Herbert Allen Some famous artists who have worked with Coca-Cola include Haddon H. Sundblom, who is most notable for designing the iconic Santa Clause character for the company during the mid 1920’s. In fact, it was with the help of this campaign that Coca-Cola became so synonymous with Christmas, which birthed the idea of associating soft drinks with cartoon characters and the like.

A few other notable artist who have collaborated with Coca-Cola, successfully furthering their already well off careers through the business of design, include Norman Rockwell, Gil Elvgren, Fredrick Mizen, and N.C. Wyeth. Each had their own part to play in the illustrious beginnings of Coca-Cola, which reached well throughout the 60’s and 70’s, and area still appreciated among pop art fanatics to this day.

Besides famous artists who have worked with the well known beverage company, there have been numerous noteworthy businessmen and women, who have made quite the impact before and after their active affiliation. The inventor of the drink John Pemberton, who was originally patenting it as a type of medicine, was a bit of a businessman himself. Although, it was not until the experienced businessman Asa Griggs Candler took up the reigns, that it was considered one of the world’s most notorious soft drinks all throughout the 20th century.

While still at the height of initial production, there were numerous businessmen who have affected the company in a positive way. Their efforts have shaped what Coca-Cola is to this very day. These businessmen included Joseph B. Whitehead and Benjamin F. Thomas, who along with the Chattanooga businessmen who took up the company when they saw its potential, helped the company greatly by gaining access to bottling rights to sell to a much wider market. Mass production of the product came early, thanks to their efforts. With their efforts, the initial franchise began operation in 1901, which initially served parts of Tennessee and grew rapidly to the other states.

At one point, the Coca-Cola beverage company actually owned a baseball team called the Atlanta Crackers. Earl Mann was the team’s president, who stood strong in the face of racial controversies concerning baseball at that time. The games played were some of the highest attending sporting events that the city had ever seen. The team owner Robert Woodruff, alongside the Coca-Cola company, supported the team as its star sponsorship throughout the team’s many seasons of play.