If you don’t know what a guru is, it is someone that has reached a tremendous amount of success in a given field and are considered the top caliber of specialist, possessing a tremendous amount of knowledge. Fortunebuilders real estate gurus like Than Merrill are generally individuals who have invested heavily in real estate and have made millions of dollars, developing a vast portfolio of properties. Generally speaking, they have a huge grasp on when and where to buy up properties and have a knack for realizing when they can make a profit and when the buy would be a bust.

It goes without saying that those with more money end up making a lot more money and real estate gurus who have honed in on their skills and have gained a great deal of money can then move on to bigger buys, which lead to bigger flips, making them even more money. However, these real estate gurus are also famous for another thing. Most of them are well known by the public, as they often time’s advertise various strategies to the public that are aimed at helping them get into the game of real estate investing. Although there has been a decent amount of skepticism about these types of strategies, mostly due to the fact that most of the people that try to get into this type of thing through these guides end up failing, some of the people that employ these techniques due in fact get rich and swear that the systems work. There are a handful of real estate gurus that operate primarily in the San Diego area, who have great advice when it comes to getting into the field of real estate investment, although it is important to realize that you really need to study the market and understand different systems before making a purchase.

Seth O’Byrne is a great real estate mind in the San Diego area, who offers a ton of advice on finding the right properties to purchase and how to go about capitalizing in the real estate market. There are plenty of other smaller investors in the area, but they mainly focus on the same strategies, which involve purchasing real estate for as cheaply as possible, after you have analyzed the property and determined there is room for money to be made. Real estate investing is more of an art form than a science, but employing strategies of some of the top gurus should put you in a better position to succeed.