People invest for different reasons, but the ultimate outcome is money and job opportunities. However, some organizations spend solely in creating jobs. The simplest way to invest and create opportunities is by issuing loans to those that cannot access them. It is the approach taken by Washington DC in what is being dubbed CAPCO Programs.
In the program, the District is certifying firms that come to contribute funds that they lend out to the communities that cannot access the traditional loans. In return, they are given tax credits. The long-term equity and debt given to the small and medium size business is meant to create job opportunities, attract companies that operate out of Washington, and improve venture capitalism. So far, three insurance companies have certification to issue those loans, to the agreed rate of $50 million in ten years. Government officials including the Mayor for DC, Anthony Williams, have recently celebrated the launch of the program.
May 2012, saw a partnership between Enhanced Capital and Washington Area Community Investment Fund. The agreement provides long-term equity and short-term loans to the individuals and businesses in the District. They intend to have all small and medium size ventures that could not access funds for expanding get it with ease. The loans increase in size over the years. The partnership between the two organizations under CAPCO has been stimulated by the lack of funds in the low-income communities.
Capital Partners in a fund-firm with significant operations in Washington DC. They started in 1992 and have expanded to more than eleven states. They invest in the businesses that reside in the low-income areas of these states and towns. In Washington, they issue long-term equity and loans to communities that have missed out on the traditional sources of loans. They possess a rich history in lending and partnership management. Since inception, they have led to the creation of thousands of jobs in the states and taken thousands of billions to the communities. Additionally, they provide investment advice and guide every beneficiary on the best way to achieve success. Small businesses with great potential for success, and those that touch the communities are subject to investment advice. It is their measure of success.
Wilshire DC Partners is a venture firm that provides funds to the small businesses that cannot access any other kind of funding. Their products and services are diversified, thus advantageous to the borrowers. They have customer friendly processes that make them very attractive. It is a firm whose lending process and repayment is flexible.