If you’re contemplating the decision to rehab a home in San Diego, be sure to carefully follow steps that – although they can’t guarantee it – will hopefully ensure success of the venture. Remember Tom Hanks and Shelley Long in the movie The Money Pit? Making sure to cross all t’s and dot all i’s can save you a lot of grief.

First Things First: Inspect the Property

Although hiring an inspector to assess a house can be expensive, a licensed inspector can provide you with an official report that you can use to negotiate the price of a home. Inspections aren’t cheap. The typical cost of an inspection from a reputable company can range anywhere from $175 to $1000 dollars depending on where you live. An inspector in New York for example, would charge more than an inspector in Georgia. In San Diego they average between $175 to $600 dollars.

Before you start spending money for an evaluation of every property you visit, you can look over the place yourself. If you see sagging ceilings, huge water spots on the walls or sloping floors, you’ll already know what you have to repair.

Making Sense of the Inspection Report

If the inspector’s report shows that the home will need to major construction changes, find out what the city’s requirements for rehabbing a home in the area are. The city can grant a permit to do the construction, but the job has to follow code.

Your Real Estate Agent Can Help

Contact an established real estate broker in the area. They can help you to get information on other comparable renovation jobs in the area, so you’ll know what upgrades homeowners in the vicinity have gotten done.

List of Things that May Need Upgrades or Change-outs

Bathroom tile or plumbing
Kitchen cabinets or countertops
Hardwood flooring
The roof or ceilings
Painting or landscape

Rehab Experts in San Diego

San Diego has quite a few successful rehab gurus. Here are two; Than Merrill’s started out renting apartments, then later discovered that doing home renovations suited him better. Donald Bren is another name synonymous with wealth stemming from rehabbing. Today Bren is worth approximately 15.2 billion. Bren started his career rehabbing most of Orange County.