Energy is something that is vitally needed in any city, state, or community throughout the entire world. The United States is by far one of those places. The United States is known for their wide assortment of energy fuels from water and coal, to oil and wind. If there is a place where energy is studied and utilized at very high volumes, it is by far the United States. With that being said, the following will be a look at four notable energy companies that are located in the United States.

The first energy company to look at is Cunningham Energy ( which is based out of Charleston, West Virginia. Cunningham Energy is a company that was started as an independent provider of oil and gas in 2008. The company believes that their acquiring and exploring of the Appalachian, Williston, and Illinois basins and that future technology could be a huge game changer for the company and potential investors.

Pacific Gas & Energy is noted as being the largest electric utility company in the United States. The company has held this distinction since 1984. PG&E, for which the company is popularly and commonly called, is based in San Francisco and serves approximately 5.3 million households throughout the northern two-thirds of the state. Pacific Gas & Electric was founded in 1905 and provides all the major electric sources from hydroelectric, natural gas, nuclear, and solar.

Dominion Resources, Inc. is another notable energy company that is located in the United States. The company was formerly called the Virginia Power Company but has had its current name since 1983. Virginia Power can trace its origins back to the early 1800’s. Virginia is a state known for its coal so coal is certainly one of the power sources that the company specializes in. Electricity has long been its specialty but the company has other interests as well. Those energy interests include natural gas, solar, and the storing and transporting of natural gas. The company is well known for its services throughout the region.

Florida Power & Light ( is headquartered in Juno Beach, Florida and was founded in 1925. The company roughly serves 10 million people throughout the state of Florida. Natural gas, coal, and nuclear power are the sources that Florida Power & Light have in their portfolios. In 2014, Florida Power & Light were recognized by Market Strategies International as the most trusted energy company in the United States.