There are a lot of ways to find a great CEO, but recruiters have to go about it in a certain way. Many aren’t sure as to what they need to do in order to make it possible to find a great person, but it’s not as hard as many think.
Some of the biggest things a recruiter will look for is experience. If the person applying is like Dennis Carey, they will have a lot of experience with running a company. They may not have run their own company as Dennis Carey did, but they will have an ability to see what is needed and make it happen.

Another thing a recruiter looks for is for the person to have an education in the area. They may not need a communications degree, but they will need a marketing or other business related degree. Dennis Carey had this kind of degree to help him get the starting job he had in business and climb the ladder. This is what many recruiters want from the people they may decide to staff.

Why Look at Recruiters

There are several reason a person may want to look at a recruiter to get them a job in their industry like this. They may need to look at lower positions to start out with and then make it to ones that are higher in the companies or that will get them ready for the CEO job of their dreams. This is another place Dennis Carey did well. He made sure he had a lot of experience before he got the job he wanted later. This helped him to have everything they were looking for and more when he went to find a position that fit his needs better.

There are a lot of ways a person can get to the top, but using a recruiter is a large one that can help them far more than many other ways. They just need to find a footing in the industry they want to be a part of and work on getting the experience they need. This way they will get to the top of their companies fast and be running things before they know it.