Directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing are both very effective ways of extracting oil and natural gas. There are millions of gallons of crude oil all over the world that can be extracted when these styles of drilling are used, but they are very different.

Hydraulic Fracturing
Hydraulic fracturing is the style of oil drilling that you use when you think you cannot get to the oil any other way. The whole process is a lot different because you do not use a drill. You have to make sure that you know that fracturing takes a little bit more force, and it has to be done broadly so that you can even start to use the drill once you get done. Companies, like Cunningham Energy, that are using hydraulic fracturing use a normal drill once they are done with their hydraulic fracturing, but they have to do some real work to get to the oil first.

Directional Drilling
Directional drilling is a style of drilling you see on oil rigs out at sea. It is the same when you see oil rigs in the heartland like when you go through Texas or Oklahoma. The drill is sent directly down to the crust until it hits the oil. The oil is sucked up by a special machine, and there is literally just a straight line down to the oil. There is no need to go around anything when you are drilling like this. It also makes it possible for you to make an oil rig out at sea so that you can reach the oil sometimes several thousand feet below.