As the Washington DC area is going through a revamping boom, real property developers such as FLH Company ( are so busy running this shifting landscape. Suitable as well as green technologies are establishing standards for constructing industry manipulating latest construction ventures and the restoration of old neighborhoods nearby capital area. Multi-purpose, accessible communities are getting so popular. Below are some of the top real estate development firms in Washington DC area.

Peterson Companies

Peterson Companies is among the biggest privately held real property development firms in Washington, DC area and provides fully-integrated development activities for residential, commercial, retail and office real estate. The firm has established, managed as well as permitted at least 30,000 housing units plus is in charge of several of the greatest popular plus successful multi-purpose housing alongside office ventures in Maryland as well as Northern Virginia. Ventures comprise of National Harbor, Virginia Gateway, Downtown Silver Spring, Washingtonian Center, Fairfax Corner, Fair Lakes, Burke Centre, Tysons McLean Office Park and more.

PN Hoffman and Associates

PN Hoffman alongside its subsidiaries plus associates, offer design, building, sales, and advertising services for single residential as well as multi-purpose development ventures. The firm is devoted to attending the localities of Washington DC and has constructed more than 28 projects in the metropolis since 1993. PN Hoffman is the company chosen to remodel Washington’s Southwest Waterfronts.

Douglas Development

Douglas Development Corporation is among the biggest private real estate owners in Washington, DC area and provides a wholly integrated real property firm comprising of a collection of commercial offices, retail plus residential mixed-use properties. The corporation has done over 180 successful redevelopment ventures and is a top ranking company in the revamping of DC region. Established in 1985, the firm has a desire to preserve plus restore historic buildings featuring iconic properties such as Woodward & Lothrop star building as well as Chinatown’s momentous row crosswise from Verizon Center. Present ventures under construction comprises of The Coliseum, Wonderbread Factory, Hecht Warehouse District, Tenley View, 655 K St NW plus many more.

Clark Construction

Clark Construction is a wholly incorporated national real property company providing a vast range of services featuring financial markets, real estate management, venture management, development and construction. Constantly positioned as among the greatest mixed-family builders in the whole country, Clark is part of the country’s premier developers of luxury flats, military family residential, and multi-purpose communities. From its establishment in 1992, the firm prides a broad collection of nationally celebrated, award-winning communities in US.