Alleghany Science & Technology
With Arria Hines as President, CEO and co-founder, the woman-owned business has an exceptionally wide spectrum of services, all of which use project management methods to solve complex engineering problems. After growing by 1723% between 2011 and 2014, Alleghany Science & Technology was named one of Inc. 5000ā€™s top companies.

Cunningham Energy
Headed by Ryan Cunningham and based in Charleston, Cunningham Energy read more is one of the top independent oil companies in the country. With rapid expansion and acquisition, Cunningham Energy keeps up with new technologies in the field to help them tackle future trends and opportunities in the field. With oil becoming such a newly prominent part of the U.S. economy, it takes companies like Cunningham Energy to keep up responsibly and effectively.

ā€œChris Vaught and his team at Vaught, Inc. absolutely love problems.ā€ What sounds like a joke tagline is really the way that Vaught began–as a healthcare consulting firm handling problems. Eventually, however, they found that the problems that they were presented with could benefit a ton of different businesses. Vaught now has eight subsidiaries, with services all in the healthcare realm but ranging from medical billing and marketing to hospices and safe medication disposal.

KeyLogic Services
With a wide range of technological services, spanning energy, environmental, budgeting, and information visualization realms, KeyLogic is a quality choice for a diverse set of professional needs, though most of the portfolio is actually done on behalf of the federal government. KeyLogic was named one of the top IT services companies and also one of the fastest growing companies in West Virginia by Inc. 5000.