peter lowy & steven lowyBefore we begin to tell you about Westfield Corporation; let’s go behind the scenes and see who is behind this great corporation. Mr. Peter Lowy and Mr. Stephen Lowy are both Executive Officers for Westfield Corporation. They both hold Bachelors of Commerce from the University of NSW, with Stephen passing with honors. They both worked in investment banking bringing substantial experience with them to Westfield Corporation. Stephen also holds an Associate Degree in Policing Practice Board of Management.

In 1983, Peter joined Westfield Corporation; he also serves on several different Committees as Chairman for Los Angeles County. In 1987, Stephen also took the plunge to join Westfield Corporation. Peter is a Chairman of Football Federation Australia Limited and Chairman of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.  Both Peter and Stephen Lowy are very active in the community alongside their professionalism for Westfield Corporation.

Westfield is a well-established shopping centre company that generates billions of retail sales. Their establishments are, located in London, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles; their overall total is approximately 34 centres. They are a strong Shopping Centre Franchise that has strong values and is extremely productive. In 2015, they had in the region of 400 million customers that visited their shopping centres.

They continue to improve their Corporation by constantly developing new strategies, and are persistent in bringing their shopping centres and expertise to as many major cities as possible. Westfield incorporates integrated foods, fashion, leisure and entertainment into their centres; along with high retailing brands out there today. Westfield Corporation Development Programs continue to grow across the states.

In 2012, Westfield Labs was launched to serve as a global digital lab to pay attention and remove any resistance from commerce that may affect Westfield Corporation. They are, dedicated to transforming raising ideas and technologies into strategic business moves. The professional team develops and navigates new technologies that meet the digital shopper. They serve millions of shoppers across the world and pride in serving them with the best shopping experience possible. If you ever make it to New York, London, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, stop by and see Westfield’s Shopping Centre for yourself and enjoy the shopping pleasure that it brings