The Dulles Greenway is a fourteen mile privately owned toll road that runs from Leesburg, Virginia to Dulles International Airport in Washington DC. The Dulles Greenway is connected with Virginia State Route 267, and the Dulles Access Road, and the speed limit is set at 65 miles per hour on the Greenway. The road is owned by the Toll Road Investors Partnership II. The largest investor in the Dulles Greenway is the Bryant family with an investment $68 million dollars. The Franklin L. Haney Company joined in the project, and Kellogg Brown and Root entered into the investment. An Australian concern opted in 2005 to buy just under 87% of the Greenway.

The chief operating officer of the project was retired General Charles E. Williams of the Army Corps of Engineer, and Michael Crane acted as the Chief Executive Officer. Another investor in the Greenway is Shenandoah Greenway Corporation, which is owned by Magalen Ohrstrom Bryant of Middleburg, Virginia, and yet another is the Autostrade an owner and operator of toll roads in Italy. The entire group of investors refrained from any real estate development along the Greenway. The road was initially tagged to be turned over to the state of Virginia in 2036, but it was extended to 2056 by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

West of Route 28 is the main toll plaza, and smaller plazas sit at the east and west bound on ramps. An additional on ramp and toll plaza sits at the Battlefield Parkway exit. A base toll of $3.00 for 2 axle vehicles is discounted for $2.55 with E-Zpass, and then the toll varies according to distance traveled up to a maximum of $5.90. Toll Road Investors Partnership II pays approximately $3.28 million dollars in taxes a year. Tickets issued on the Greenway are subject to the same rules, regulations and fines as that of all Virginia Roads. Proceeds from fines go to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Dulles Greenway is the first private road built in Virginia since 1816, and it is the first privately owned toll road in the United States, and it is governed by the Virginia Highway Act of 1988.